Exclusive: RADIOACTIVE SPIDER-GWEN #2 introduces a black female Captain America

While most of the Marvel universe is coalescing into a single plane of existence for ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT MARVEL, there are a few notable exceptions. Spider-Gwen is one of those. The fan favorite character – and her world – survived the merger to bring fans RADIOACTIVE SPIDER-GWEN.

The book”s creative team returns intact with writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez ready to dive back into Gwen”s world now that SECRET WARS has concluded. And what a world it is! Lizard man..erm, men…are running amok and only Spider-Gwen and Captain America can stop him/them. But on Earth-65 Captain America is a black woman! One sporting an iconic but completely cosplayable costume and a non-nonsense attitude.

Can Gwen take down the Lizard, escape capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. and – most dauntingly – get a laugh out of Captain America? HitFix Harpy has your exclusive look inside the pages of RADIOACTIVE SPIDER-GWEN #2, on sale 11/11/15!