Exclusive clip: Feel the buggy buzz on ‘Life Below Zero’

11.19.13 5 years ago

When Alaska warms up, it’s stunningly beautiful. It’s also riddled with mosquitos. In this exclusive clip from “Life Below Zero: Hungry Country” (airs Tues. Nov. 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Nat Geo), we see how Glen is faring with the bugs as he treks to the water to fish. If you think you know buggy, chances are you really don’t. Warning: watching this clip will make you feel itchy, guaranteed.

Glen would stay home and a, but he’s avoid the mosquito storm, but he’s low on food. Living 65 miles from the nearest road, it’s not like he can just pop over to Ralph’s and pick up a few TV dinners, either. Fishing isn’t the most efficient way for him to feed himself, but it might be the only way — and, as we later learn, the fish aren’t biting.

Also in this episode, Sue is startled by a strange shadow on the horizon, but after heading into the tundra to investigate, she finds nothing. Determined not to have let her efforts go to waste, she heads to a nearby coal seam to try and gather some of the “black gold.” (yes, through the summer). The Yukon River continues to be challenge for Andy in Eagle when he discovers that one of his valuable boats has been swept away by the powerful water. Refusing to be defeated, he heads out on a long search to find the prized vessel, hopeful that it hasn”t been destroyed.

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