Exclusive clip: Mark Wahlberg’s new ‘Breaking Boston’ has rocky romance

03.12.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

Mark Wahlberg has yet another entry in the reality TV game, and this one isn't (at least exclusively) about hamburgers. “Breaking Boston” follows a group of four blue-collar women in their twenties trying to break the cycle of their peers in a town where education, employment and opportunities are hard to come by.

Each one of them has already hit rock bottom via destructive relationships or bad choices, but is looking for a way out. Before the show premieres Thurs., March 13 at 10:00 p.m. on A&E, watch this exclusive clip that features Noelle. She may not have her life together, but she has one guy groveling at her feet. That's got to count for something! Or not. 

Executive producer Mark Wahlberg mirrored this series on his own life and experiences in Boston. Recently earning his high school diploma at the age of 42, Mark can certainly relate to bad influences of peers and lack of emphasis on education. “These are real women telling their original stories of trying to break out of what”s expected of them,” said Wahlberg. “The odds are difficult, but I believe they can make it.”

The series joins them at a critical time in their life; where they”re trying to shed their pasts in order to pave way for their future. Kristina, 29, faced jail time when her ex-boyfriend was caught running a drug ring out of their shared home but was acquitted and is now trying to move on with her new boyfriend Mikey while pursuing a career in hair styling. Valerie, 22, had two DUIs and a jail sentence on her record before she graduated high school and is now trying to attend college with a tarnished record and no financial aid. Noelle, 25, recently suffered the loss of her brother to a tragic car accident and is finding it difficult to move on with her life while living at home and supporting her mother. Courtney, 25, is a single mom with a 7th grade education and a dream to get into beauty school.

Will you be watching “Breaking Boston”? 

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