Exclusive: Decepticons have the upper hand in new ‘Transformers: Prime’ clip

“Get frakked!” 

Those fighting words are spoken by brave female Autobot Arcee in this exclusive new clip from the latest episode of Hasbro Studios’ “Transformers: Prime,” which is slated to air on The Hub network this Friday. Finding herself at the mercy of the villainous Decepticons, who have intercepted an encrypted Autobot signal that needs decoding, Arcee’s courageous nature is under no threat of crumbling under their intimidation tactics – until, that is, the physical safety of one of her Autobot compatriots becomes a factor.

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Official logline: Arcee is reunited with an old friend, and together they uncover a feat of Decepticon engineering intended to destroy the Autobots.

“Transformers: Prime” airs at 7 PM this Friday on The Hub network.