Exclusive: In ‘Insurgent’ Miles Teller is an opportunistic, power hungry…housecat?

Even jerks have motivations and desires. They just don”t always align with those of the heroes. Such is the case of Miles Teller”s character Peter Hayes in “Insurgent.”

HitFix Harpy is able to exclusively reveal a behind-the-scenes snippet from the upcoming “Insurgent” home release. In the  clip above, Teller and others explain what makes a man like Peter tick. Self-preservation is a powerful driving force.

“He is someone who just wants to be okay. He doesn”t mind stepping on anyone”s toes to be that. [Peter] doesn”t have a moral problem,” explains screenwriter Brian Duffield.

Bonus! In a never-before-seen press day clip, Teller jokingly refers to his character as a cat, since multiple “lives” is the only explanation for why Tris hasn”t killed Peter yet.

“Insurgent” will be available on Digital HD on July 21st and on Blu-ray/DVD, August 4th.