Exclusive: Kamala Khan must choose a side in Marvel’s CIVIL WAR II

This summer, the Marvel universe is at war with itself. The CIVIL WAR II event will tear apart the superhero community. Even the newly-minted Avenger Ms. Marvel may be taking a stand against her mentor, Captain Marvel!

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel has kept the details under wraps. As of this writing, CIVIL WAR II could involve any number of flashpoint topics: registration, oversight, metahuman rights, alien/clone/other Earth invaders. Whatever causes the rift, it has its roots in Minority Report-esque policing.

The Marvel Universe is at a crossroads. A new power has emerged, one that can predict the future-for good or ill- and the heroes of the Marvel Universe are faced with a choice: Wield the power of “predictive justice” to change the future as they see fit, or reject it and allow tomorrow to unfold unaltered. Protect the future. Change the future. Which side will Kamala choose?

So far Hawkguy Hawkeye, Black Panther, Thor (lady edition), Jean Grey, Medusa, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon have gotten teaser covers. If this roll-out is any indication, Marvel is far from done!

The CIVIL WAR II event kicks off June 2016.