Exclusive: Former 90’s Hip Hop Icon To Make ‘Sharknado 2’ Debut

The cultural phenomenon that took over our television and Twitter accounts last summer returns. “Sharknado 2: The Second One” pulled out all the stops for their San Diego Comic-Con 2014 panel. To a packed house director Anthony C. Ferante and stars Judah Freelander, Vivica A. Fox, and Ian Ziering took the stage to talk about their latest flick with The Asylum. 

During the presentation, host Sam Thielman introduced a trailer full of new footage. For the setting in New York City, SyFy and The Aslyum were able to recruit an impressive host of cameo appearance. Panel attendees were able to spot Matt Lauer, Andy Dick, Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Ripa, and Al Roker with more mystery celebrities promised to come.

HitFix caught “Sharknado 2” casting director Gerald Webb after the panel to ask him who else audiences should look forward to spotting in the midst of TWO Sharknadoes taking a bite out of the Big Apple. He was able to exclusively confirm to us that Sandra Denton – better known as the Peppa half of Salt”n”Peppa – will make her “Sharknado” acting debut.


HtiFix and the rest of the Sharknado fans were also first privy to the knowledge that stars Ian Ziering and Vivica A. Fox will be starring on the upcoming season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.” Fox let the news slip while talking about what projects she took on after wrapping the 18 day shoot for the SyFy original sequel. While her fellow panelists seem to believe she accidentally giving away secrets, though Telly-Planet appears to have beaten her to the punch.