17 Explicitly Informative Reddit AMA Answers From A Man With Diphallia (NSFW)


Warning: Everything here is NSFW but curiosity is a powerful motivator. You know you want to know.

Reddit kicked off 2014 with a bang – in the form of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) from an anonymous gentleman with a medical condition known as diphallia. Diphallia is literally what it sounds like – two phalluses. Born with two fully-functioning penises, this guy generously answered serious and pervy questions alike. Basically, he’s the most interesting man in the world.

 #1 – First of all, let’s get the medical stuff out of the way.

 #2 – Having two fully functional penises (penii?) during puberty went about as expected.

 #3 – Perhaps the most important question ever asked in the history of human evolution.

Need to know more? OF COURSE YOU DO! Luckily for you, the guy with diphallia didn’t skimp on his Reddit AMA. In fact, he answered questions for hours. See some of the highlights after the jump. Or! Click through here to the full transcript…including some seriously NSFW nude photos as proof to his claim.

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