Ezra Miller Is Now Co-Writing The ‘Flash’ Movie In An Attempt To Stay On The Project

Warner Bros.

There’s commitment, and then there’s Ezra Miller sticking with the Flash movie. The actor was cast as Barry Allen, the DCEU’s resident speedster, back in 2014, and he’s already played him twice, briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and more significantly in 2017’s Justice League. All the while it’s been understood he’d would get his own solo movie. It’s just taken a while, with numerous rewrites and personnel changes. And yet Miller has steadfastly stuck by the project through thick and thin, clocking in on five years with no shooting date announced.

The acclaimed actor is so married to the project that he’s decided to go the extra mile: As per The Hollywood Reporter, he’s taking a stab at the screenplay himself. Miller teamed with Grant Morrison, the beloved Scottish comics writer — and co-creator of the Syfy series Happy! — to work on their own script, which will reportedly be a “dark” take on the story of a guy who can run really, really, really fast.

“Dark” doesn’t sound like it fits with the last directors attached to the project, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who’ve co-written the frequently funny Spider-Man: Homecoming and wrote and directed the always funny Game Night. (Incidentally, you might remember the young Daley as Sam Weir on Freaks and Geeks.)

There have reportedly been some battles between the star and the filmmakers, who’ve been on the project since early 2018. Surely, too, there have been some internal issues with Warner Brothers, who owns DC’s film wing, and who’ve been trying to fun up the DCEU after the overwhelming heavy-osity of Batman v Superman.

Miller and Morrison’s Flash script reportedly may be submitted as early as next week. If Warner’s shoots it down, who knows what could happen next. Miller’s holding deal with the film reportedly expires in May. Meanwhile, the actor is also scheduled to film the third installment in the Fantastic Beasts series, also owned by WB, at year’s end.

(Via THR)

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