Whedon addresses that contentious Black Widow moment from ‘Age of Ultron’

Director/writer Joss Whedon took part in an “Answer Time” on tumblr this afternoon and answered a large number of fan questions. They ranged from his superhero work to Star Wars but also managed to mix Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the Presidential election.

Things started pretty tame, one fan asking Whedon who his favorite superhero was. “Kitty Pryde, now and forever,” he said. Niiiiiice.

Then if he could be a superhero, who would he be and why? “I”d be iron man because he doesn”t have to work out – shit, he can doze off in that armour, who”s gonna know? Plus he”s got bonkers dollars and is dating Shakespeare in Love so, a lot of win.”

Then he dove headfirst into a question many have discussed since Avengers: Age of Ultron. The person asked, “why did you have Natasha describe herself as a monster when it was revealed that she could not conceive?”

She said she was a monster because she was an assassin. Being rendered infertile made her feel unnatural, made her feel cut off from the natural world. But it was her actions that defined her. Her murdery actions. That”s what “monster” meant.

“Her murdery actions” is such Buffy speak, I love it. But that answer falls in line with what others took from the scene, our own Donna Dickens included.

Moving on.

You may have seen articles popping up thanks to Whedon talking about how he'd love to make a Star Wars movie (as so many do). He was asked what his ideas are and if he had been actually given the green light and he replied, “Ugh I wish. The Rogue One trailers give me the jellies.”

Remember back in September Whedon got together some of his Avengers pals for a political push? Since then he's been pretty vocal about the election and answered a few related questions on the tumblr chat. Here's one about Hillary Clinton…

Q: Do you think she'll win and if she does, what are your thoughts relating to a black man being president prior to the victory of a woman? i.e. racism vs sexism

A: Well we”re trading one for the other. There was such virulent, unabashed racism in the government – and now we can brace ourselves for the same kind of overt misogyny. But we can also brace ourselves for a president who”s both used to it and has no time for it. She”ll have some fun.

And here's one about Donald Trump…

Q: How would Buffy defeat the Donald?

A: Buffy would probably have to slay the demon that built him. It is about eighteen inches tall and lives inside the big orange near-human Donald suit, working it with out-dated steampunk mechanics. It”s actually sort of cute looking. Super evil tho lol

His last answer of the chat mixed politics and pop culture once more as he was asked, “Do you think the spate of superhero and other comics-based movies (including the Avengers, natch) is related to the rise of authoritarian wannabe regimes all over the world (including here, maybe)? Is it simply arising from the same causes, or possibly a contributor to an aura of legitimacy and acceptance of strongman simple solutions?”


I think you”ve addressed an issue that”s bugged me for years – that was the chief conflict in Ultron. Superhero stories are on some level fascistic. I still love them, but you”ll notice that as much as I love the elevated self, I hate the idea of the few being rightfully better than/in control of the many. that”s why buffy shares her power at the end of the show. to lay down the western mythos and create stories celebrating community.

But I still want to make westerns. And superhero movies. The tension between those conflicting views will, I hope, keep my work from becoming a polemic.

Always leave ’em wanting less! Thanks everybody! Bruce/Natasha 4EVER!!!!

But there's one more thing I'd like to point out. Whedon was asked if he liked pancakes and his response might shock you. “Nope! They”re pointless!”

You monster.