First ‘American Gods’ concept art as chillingly macabre as you hoped

In case you haven”t heard, Neil Gaiman”s classic tale of deities struggling to survive in a world where their food source – belief – is in short supply has been picked up as a series by Starz.

Bryan Fuller of “Hannibal” fame has taken on the mantle of showrunner (along with “Heroes” producer Michael Green). This news alone is a huge relief: “Hannibal” isn”t exactly wholesome family television. Even more proof Fuller is the right man for the job? Yesterday he released these two pieces of “American Gods” concept art by illustrator Jim Carson:

Behold Odin and his grandson Sleipnir! Bow before them!

Image Credit: Twitter

The Bone Orchard…complete with what looks like the Buffalo Man.

Image Credit: Twitter

With a reputation for committing to the dark and twisted nature of man and The Stag showcasing his ability to dabble with the supernatural and/or psychotic breaks, fans can hopefully put to bed lingering doubts that Starz will lighten the tone or narrative arc of Gaiman”s story.