‘Flash’ guest star Dominic Purcell talks Heat Wave and his ‘Prison Break’ reunion

VANCOUVER, BC. It's a rainy October night in Vancouver, but on the location for The CW's “The Flash,” they're having a Heat Wave.


Actually, out in the Vancouver street, it's The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) having a showdown on the rain-soaked pavement as umbrella wielding PAs stand by to shelter the two actors.

Speaking of shelter, a small group of reporters is poised on a ledge 100 feet away from the street. We were given permission to shoot non-spoiler pictures from our distant pedestal and, with the light and the drizzle and my cell phone camera, this was the best I could do. At least The Flash is visible.

We're scurrying in and out between the rain and a warm makeshift interview room in which we've talked to all of the “Flash” stars.

That interview room is where we're having a Heat Wave, or at least getting our first look at Dominic Purcell in his Heat Wave attire. 

Purcell will be making his first appearance in the 10th episode of the first “Flash” season and he'll be reteaming with “Prison Break” co-star Wentworth Miller, a reunion that wasn't coincidental.

“I got a call from my agent saying, ''The Flash' offered you a role in the show' and I knew Wentworth was doing it, and he actually sent me an email saying 'Come on board, it”ll be fun!' And I said, 'Absolutely!'” Purcell remembers. “Wentworth”s a very dear friend of mine, a very close friend, so it”s always a pleasure. We had such a great time on 'Prison Break,' and I haven”t worked with him since then, so working with him again is great. We have a unique chemistry I think, so this gives us a chance to come into a different world and it affords actors [the chance] to really play, and I think that”s what I”m really enjoying about this role.”

Purcell and Miller played brothers for four years on FOX's “Prison Break” and while they haven't been hanging out together recently, they've been in touch and Purcell says that their acting bond remains intact.

“It”s hard to articulate,” he muses. “I don”t think there”s an answer to chemistry. I think it”s just one of those things. With Wentworth and I, there was no ego, there was never any sense of competition, we just kind of worked, very easily together. I don”t know what the chemistry is, but people respond to it.”

As Purcell is smart and quick to note, he's not a stranger to the comic book world. Thanks to “Blade: Trinity,” he's a small footnote in the Marvel Universe. Although he's about to have a bigger place in the DC world, Purcell was whisked onto “The Flash” so quickly he didn't have time to research.

“At the moment, and the limited research that I”ve done, and the knowledge that I know of this character, I see him as a likable villain,” Purcell explains. “I don”t think he”s as psychopathic as the Joker, but he”s still a badass. I don”t think you would describe Heat Wave as 'evil.'”

Viewers will get to decide for themselves when Heat Wave makes his first appearance on Tuesday (January 20) night's “The Flash.”

Check out the Purcell interview in REALLY amateurish video form above…