These French Titles For American Movies Explains A Lot About American Stereotypes

For some reason French films have a habit of translating American movies – not into French because that’d be obvious and silly – but into ‘English French’. It appears to be an adapted form of English meant for non-native speakers that still grasp the basics of the language. The end results are a spectacular commentary on European ideas of American life. So of course, a Tumblr called ‘Pardon By Titres‘ was born to collect them. By the way,  if anyone out there knows why or how this trend got started please feel free to tell us in the comments!

#1 – Football? Check. Cowboys? Check. Rebellious teens? Check. How could they title it anything else?

#2 – And of course, the flip side of that teen coin. Cheerleaders? Check. That’s it. Just cheerleaders.


#3 – Okay, you got us. Every movie about teens is actually a documentary.

#4 – I think French exchange students are going to be woefully disappointed in our higher education.

#5 – Also disappointed in the lack of promiscuous hot girls backpacking through their country.

#6 – A theme about American sexuality is beginning to emerge.

#7 – Considering how taboo the word ‘sex’ is in our own media, France shows no mercy is cutting to the heart of a plot.


#8 – We get it France. 99% of movies are about sex.

#9 – Have you ever heard the phrase ‘beating a dead horse’? No not like that. Ew.

#10 – Sigh. You win French translators. Touché.

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