From ‘Guardians’ to ‘Godzilla’: Summer 2014’s Best Movie Moments

(CBR) Summer 2014 opened with a bang, but despite some strong moments here and there, it”s going out with a whimper – not to mention a face palm or two.

When the box office is tallied, this summer will have fallen considerably short of last year”s record-breaking earnings – but that doesn”t mean the season was a complete failure. In fact, audiences had an impressive variety of original ideas and new installments of established franchises to choose from, a solid mix of indie fair (Richard Linklater”s exceptional “Boyhood”) and big-budget Hollywood fodder (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”). Summer 2014 even turned a sentient tree and a talking raccoon into movie stars; that alone deserves some kind of award.

As the season comes to a close, let”s look back at some of the best summer movie moments – in order of their release – that made forking over our allowance worthwhile. Note: This isn”t a ranking of the best summer movies; rather, favorite scenes or beats from them.

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