Wes Craven’s most horrifying movie moments: From ‘Last House’ to ‘Scream’

Horror legend Wes Craven has died at the age of 76. What will we do without him? He was a creative giant who also had a reputation for being one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gents in the business.

It's difficult to know how to pay adequate tribute to such a legendary figure, but highlighting some of his most horrifying movie moments is a good start. Over four decades, Craven directed some of the scariest scenes in cinema history, from the queasy 1972 cult classic “The Last House on the Left” to his mainstream breakthrough “A Nightmare on Elm Street” to his latter days as the helmer of the post-modern slasher “Scream” and its attendant sequels.

After checking out my list, be sure and watch our tribute video to the late, great filmmaker above, and check out Drew McWeeney's remembrance of Craven here. Let us know what your favorite Craven movie moment was in the comments.

Warning: Watch these clips on your work computer at your peril.