From ‘Ultron’ to ‘Aloha’: HitFix’s ultimate guide to 2015’s summer movies

When I was in high school, “Premiere” magazine made its US debut, and I still remember finding that first issue on the stands with “Dragnet” on the cover. For many years after that, “Premiere” was my favorite film magazine, bar none.

One of the best things about the magazine, particularly in its prime, was the way they put together their Summer Movie Preview issue each year. It wasn't just because they put together a comprehensive list of everything that would be in theaters during the season, but that they wrote about things from a position of authority. They knew things. They offered real insights. By the time I finished reading their Summer Movie Preview, I felt like I had a real handle on not only what I wanted to see, but just how it all came together.

As a result of that, when we put our own Summer Movie Preview together, I feel strongly that it should be both thorough and original, offering you perspective or information that you won't find anywhere else. HitFix's editor emeritus, Greg Ellwood, joined me in ranking the films and writing them up, and now we're ready to share our take on what you can expect from the summer of 2015, which gets underway Friday when “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” opens in the US, following its massive triumphant roll-out in several overseas markets.

The main thing I hope you take away from reading this is that no matter what your movie tastes, there's something out there for you this summer. I know people love to complain about remakes and sequels, but there are so many different types of things on this year's list that it seems to me you'd have to be actively looking to feel excluded to actually take any offense. Here's hoping everyone makes it out of the summer as excited as they are going in.