‘Frozen’ Directors Christopher Buck & Jennifer Lee Talk Love, Fear, And Fan Theories

When Disney's Oscar-winning blockbuster about a 'Frozen' land is about to drop on DVD, what better way to celebrate than by bundling everyone up in front of the icy splendor of a real life ice palace? Or at least the Ice Hotel on which Elsa's sparkling confection of a castle was based on. 

If being in near freezing temperatures was a burden, it certainly didn't show. Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck were in good spirits – still fresh and riding high off their well-deserved Oscar win for 'Best Animated Feature' – laughingly answered some pressing questions brought on by some intense fan theories.

When pressed as to whether or not Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel might be cousins – based on Rapunzel and Flynn's quick cameo – and that the King of Arendelle's fears for his eldest daughter were based on his niece's kidnapping, Jennifer Lee said, “Fascinating. I love that one. That's all I'll say. Their imaginations are wonderful!”

Some fans were so distraught about the twist, that they blamed the trolls and their love of Kristoff, going so far as to blame their magic for the way things pan out between Anna and Hans. “Oh you're kidding! I think that one we can clarified. I have to say, we have to give Hans all the credit for what he did” said Lee.Chris Buck agreed but added, “I think we just need to get these people in the story room with us. They have some amazing ideas.”  Sorry guys, sometimes there is no conspiracy theory. 

When questioned as to whether or not Anna is secretly harboring a superpower in the form of inhuman strength, Buck said Anna does have a secret power but it's not what fans think. “Her superpower is love. That's Anna's superpower.”

Lee added, “You know, like a mama bear can raise a car off their kid with their super strength, love is very powerful.”

Buck and Lee also talked about the many iterations Elsa and Anna went through, from a classic hero vs. villain arc to the story about sisterly love that ended up on the big screen. See the whole thing in the video above!

'Frozen' is on Blu-Ray and DVD March 18th, 2014