‘Game of Thrones’ heads to Comic-Con Hall H, but ‘True Blood’ stays small

06.19.12 6 years ago 4 Comments
HBO’s “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones” are both returning to San Diego’s Comic-Con next month, but only one of the guaranteed room-packers is receiving the coveted Hall H treatment.
The premium cable network announced on Tuesday (June 19) that “Game of Thrones” will have its second Comic-Con panel on Friday, July 13 in the mammoth Hall H. “Game of Thrones” had no trouble packing Ballroom 20 last summer for a spirited debut panel moderated by George R.R. Martin himself. HBO has yet to announce which talent from “Game of Thrones” will be able to make the Stateside journey.
While Comic-Con is doing the right thing by moving “Game of Thrones” to its largest capacity venue, multiple years of filling Ballroom 20 wasn’t enough to earn an upgrade for “True Blood.” The Southern Gothic vampire soap opera will stick to Ballroom 20 for its Saturday, July 14.
[Note: It’s my understanding that scheduling issues on both sides led to the placement of “True Blood” in Ballroom 20, rather than Comic-Con organizers not understanding that people like vampires.]
The times for both panels are TBD.

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