At The ‘Game Of Thrones’ SDCC Panel, Gwendoline Christie Explains The Key To A Tormund And Brienne Romance


In Lovage’s singular release Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By, “Everyone Has a Summer” is a standout track that lays out an important aspect of every relationship — respect. Kid Koala and Dan the Automator sample dozens of TV shows and movies dealing with the game of romance, with one especially important revolving around a woman’s need for respect from her partner. “It takes so many things to make love last. Most of all it takes respect.” Game of Thrones standout star Brienne of Tarth echoes this everlasting theme, as does the actress behind the character, Gwendoline Christie.

At the San Diego Comic-Con Game of Thrones panel (which we were in attendance for and live-blogged here), Christie addressed the elephant in the room — the non-developing romance between Brienne and Tormund Giantsbane. We’ve seen Torumund oogling Brienne on multiple occasions, capturing the imagination of fans as a couple that could more than likely, if they wanted to, produce the toughest person not named Clegane that Westeros has ever seen. But, until Giantsbane stops being a weirdo and starts appreciating Brienne’s honor, courage, and intelligence beyond her fighting prowess, nothing will happen between them.

“Tormund certainly has his creepy smile. He also enjoys looking at Brienne while he eats, as we saw him go down on that chicken leg. Didn’t do much for her, did it? In order to win Brienne’s heart, it’s about a mutual respect. It’s not about being overpowering or aggressive sexual advances. It has to be a mutual respect about skills.

What I love about Brienne of Tarth is that I don’t think at the foremost of her consciousness is a value system based on how men appreciate her, but who doesn’t like being appreciated as both really? But I don’t think that’s what she’s invested in at all. I think she’s finding it incredibly awkward.”

Unfortunately for Tormund, it seems like he’s just extremely attracted to the fact that Brienne might be able to kill him. He is, after all, from the cold north, whereas most flowery romance is between some sweet summer children. But then, everyone has a summer, don’t they?

(Via Polygon)