‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Cuoco, Parsons and Galecki reach reported $1 million deals

08.04.14 5 years ago

“Big Bang Theory” cast members Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki have finally reached new deals for Seasons 8-10 of the CBS series – and let's just say they may already be in the market for larger homes.

After extensive negotiations, the core trio have agreed to new contracts that will reportedly triple their previous paychecks of $350,000 an episode – an amount that would put them in the rarefied air of the “Friends” cast, all six of whom reached $1 million an episode by the end of that show's ten-season run. The enormous pay upgrades for the three actors will take them through Season 10 of the show (or the equivalent of 72 episodes), with an 11th season reportedly a possibility, according to story-breaker Deadline.

In addition to Cuoco, Parsons and Galecki's lucrative pay raises, the new deals also give the actors a larger piece of the show, with their stakes reportedly increasing four-fold. The pacts also include further perks, including a production deal with Parsons spanning film and television and “producing arrangements” for Galecki and Cuoco. All told, the trio could rake in close to $100 million from the new deals, particularly if the show continues strong in syndication.

The only original cast members who have yet to sign new deals are Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg, though the network hopes to complete negotiations with the two by the time of the first Season 8 table read on Wednesday. Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch, both of whom were promoted to series regulars during the show's fourth season, renegotiated their contracts last fall.

Production on “Big Bang” Season 8 has been delayed by a week due to the complex cast renegotiations, though CBS and Warner Bros. TV hope to make up that time later in the season.

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