George Clooney has deadly gadgets and gizmos aplenty in final ‘Tomorrowland’ trailer

Disney has been more than a little coy when it”s come to Brad Bird”s take on “Tomorrowland.” The things we did know were a disparate group of information. Let”s see what we had…

• George Clooney was a former child genius who lives alone in a high-tech house.
• Britt Robertson is a girl who acquires a magic Tomorrowland pin.
• Britt Robertson is “The One” who can save the future.
• Men with guns want to stop Britt Robertson from saving the future.
• Steampunk rocket ships.
• ???????

Not a lot to go on. Then the international trailer introduced some meta elements involving Walt Disney and the Tomorrowland parks. Which made sense since you can see Space Mountain in the trailer. A couple of deleted animated sequences solidified the future-past 1950s Disney feel.

But now the big guns are out. The latest trailer is less about retro-future hope and more about creepy smiling androids from said retro-future who are here to murder a teenage girl. There”s less skirting around the sci-fi elements and more George Clooney showing off the most wonderful toys he”s had since he was Batman. And there”s definitely way less saving the future and more killing a bad guy with a miniature wormhole!

“Tomorrowland” hits theaters on May 22, 2105.