Gina Carano and Colossus join Ryan Reynolds for ‘Deadpool’

02.13.15 3 years ago

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I'm confused about something… why does “Deadpool” need comic relief?

It looks like the long-rumored Tim Miller movie is finally moving forward, and once something starts casting, the momentum is such that I think it's safe to say there really will be a “Deadpool” movie.

Adding Gina Carano to anything is fine by me. I am unfamiliar with Angel Dust, the character she's said to be playing, but after “Haywire,” the movie that convinced me that James Bond should wear more adorable little hats, it's clear she's got the goods. I liked her performance in the film, and every time she goes into action mode, she is more than convincing. TJ Miller is the name they say will provide the “comic relief” for the movie. I'm still not sure why that would be required in a film about the Merc With The Mouth, but…

Ryan Reynolds is, of course, set to star as the mutant whose cancer treatments made him look like a monster while also making him inordinately hard to kill. He has traditionally been the most motor-mouthed of Marvel characters, like Spider-Man after a coke binge, and Reynolds must have been upset at playing a version of the character that was on a leash the entire time in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

The most interesting news in Borys Kit's article is that Colossus is going to be in the film. Curious to see how they handle him, and if he's also playing a big role in “X-Men: Apocalypse.” So far, Colossus has been used pretty poorly by the series overall, and as Fox continues to make these movies, I hope they take advantage of the opportunity to show more of the characters and to let us see more of them.

One of the things I hope “Deadpool” does is give us a different kind of action. This is a world of assassins and killers and doesn't always involve superpowered foes. Carano is awesome in the hand-to-hand stuff, and I'd hope that something like “Deadpool” is more about close-up bone-breaking crazy mayhem.

The thing is, they've got three movies in that same universe coming out in one year. When Marvel tries something like that, you know that their entire focus is on those three films. But Fox has a fairly full slate for 2016, and it just so happens that three of them feature major Marvel characters. “Deadpool” is supposed to be in theaters one year from this week, and with that kind of pace between now and when it gets released, I can't imagine this is going to be a giant FX film. I hope that means an emphasis on the real, especially in the acting.

I'm really curious to see what shape the “X-Men” universe is in by the time 2016 finishes. There are some real opportunities ahead for the studio, and some definite challenges. Fingers crossed it's a great year for all of the titles.

“Deadpool” is set for February 12, 2016.
“X-Men: Apocalypse” is set for release on May 27, 2016.
“Gambit” will arrive in theaters on October 7, 2016.

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