Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves wonders the same thing about Daft Punk as you do

LOS ANGELES – Kacey Musgraves earned two 2014 Grammy Award wins, and “shared” the momentous night with her mom.

According to her interview backstage at the Staples Center ceremony, Musgraves’ mother had never been to Los Angeles, or to any Awards show, so she made for the perfect date.

So when the country singer heard the name of her 2013 set, “Same Trailer, Different Park” being called for Best Country Album category win, her mom even had to give her a little nudge. “I was like, ‘Damn, I didn’t get it…'” even as the title was recited.

Musgraves went on to call the past year as “indescribable,” and that starting out this year as “one I’ll never forget.”

And just like you, she had the same nagging question going on in her head during the Grammys, regarding Daft Punk: “I just really want to know what’s under those helmets.”

Watch the full video above.