‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2’ Did Not Make Up Its Silliest-Sounding Character

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Now that you’ve seen Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, along with the entire American moviegoing public, you’re probably wondering just how the much-mocked character of Taserface came about. A silly office gag session? An on-set improv? Nope. Taserface is a legit Marvel character, and you’re supposed to take his name seriously too.

To be fair, Taserface’s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a substantial step up from his introduction, where he was an advance scout for the Stark, who are sadly not the space-faring future spawn of Arya. No, instead they’re aliens in Iron Man armor. He wound up fighting the version of the Guardians you see in the end credits with Stallone and Michelle Yeoh. Did we mention all of Taserface’s comics appearances take place in the 31st century? In comic books, space is a silly place, and the future is even sillier.

Still, if that’s not quite hilarious enough for you, our own Alan Sepinwall points out that Taserface is played by none other than Chris Sullivan, better known to This Is Us fans as Toby. So, yeah, just in case Sullivan trying desperately to sell “Taserface” as a badass moniker didn’t get you laughing, just imagine him transplanted to This Is Us trying to explain it to Kate.

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