Guillermo Del Toro says Constantine will lead ‘Justice League Dark’

ANAHEIM – Guillermo Del Toro spent most of Saturday discussing his expected blockbuster “Pacific Rim,” but he also provided a major update about what’s next on his agenda.
After being prodded about his attachment Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s “Justice League Dark,” Del Toro announced the next film he’ll likely shoot is “Crimson Peak,” a turn of the century supernatural thriller.  

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working on “JLD” though.

Del Toro says he’s finished a bible for the film and hopes to announce a screenwriter soon. But, as always, Del Toro left the audience with something to get excited about.
“The lead character that guides us through that is Constantine and he’s blonde,” Del Toro says referring to the dark-haired version of the character Keanu Reeves starred as in 2005’s “Constantine.”
The “Hellboy” director continues, “[Constantine] is basically trying to recruit these guys. We get to their origins through their story we don’t [start] the origin story at the top.  Swamp Thing is at peace with who he is, but Deadman has to find out who shot him. My two favorite characters in the DC universe were Etrigan and Swamp Thing growing up.”
Del Toro’s next is the aforementioned “Pacific Rim” which opens nationwide and in IMAX on July 12.