Hailee Steinfeld calls ‘Ender’s Game’ cohort Harrison Ford ‘the coolest’

LOS ANGELES – Hailee Steinfeld, for the life of her, couldn’t think of her secret talent.

The 16-year-old is currently supporting her role as Petra in “Ender’s Game,” out today, a leader in the child army with shooting skills and a knack for working with Ender Wiggin, played by co-star Asa Butterfield. During our interview, Steinfeld was nearly speechless in thinking of her own hidden talents.

Good thing she seems to have more than a few acting gigs coming down the pike in 2014. She’s wrapped up work on “Romeo & Juliet,” has “Ender” through the fall, and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed her coworkers on this latest project. She said she received loads of support as a girl in boy’s club, when she could “jump in there and be one of the guys,” both as an actress and as a character.

She also picked up a few professional lessons on work ethic from Harrison Ford, who came onto the “Ender’s Game” set with “the best energy.”

“Even now … he’s the coolest person ever,” Steinfeld said of the iconic actor who’s played vital roles in sci-fi classics.

Check out the rest of our interview, on her eye-opening learnings on sci-fi filmmaking and how she’s able to unwind after a hectic schedule. Below, you can watch our interview with Ford, who has advice for all young actors.