The Best Green Things In Movies and TV

Happy St. Patrick”s Day!  On this day, we honor the culture of the Emerald Isle by adorning ourselves in its hues.  

But green is not just the color of holiday-themed accessories. It also has an illustrious history of playing critical roles in our films and television programs. Below are some of the greatest appearances green has made on our screens.  Erin go bragh!  – All the way to the box office!

17. The Curtains in “Sound of Music”

What better way to introduce a family of neglected children to the concept of fun clothes than with a little splash of green, even if it is from the furniture.

16. The Green Man in “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Green may not be proud of Paddy's pub, but Paddy's is proud of it.

15. Luke”s lightsaber in “Return of the Jedi.

For episode six, Skywalker”s blue lightsaber got an extreme makeover. Two green thumbs way up!

14. Anne Hathaway”s fancy coat from “The Devil Wears Prada”

Dowdy sweaters to work no more!  Meryl turns Anne around and has her strutting into the magazine in looking like the Herbernian hillsides.

13. Slimer from “Ghostbusters”

Green is more silly than scary, but stand back!

12. Ramona Flowers' Hair in “Scott Pilgrim”

The shade that launched 1000 battle rounds.

11. The Grinch

Forever dreaming of a green Christmas.

10. The Mark Ruffalo Hulk

The saddest of all Avengers comes in the most beautiful color of them all.

9. The Green Light from “The Great Gatsby”

It wasn't magenta Gatsby believed in.

8. The Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno Hulk

“You wouldn”t like me when I”m angry, even if I”m a beautiful rich shade of clover.”

7. Yoda

Wisdom comes in many sizes, but only one color.

6. Soylent Green

It”s not easy being made of people.

5.Uma”s “Poison Ivy”

Out of Batman”s biggest trainwreck, came the most popular cosplay model of all time.

4.Oscar the Grouch

The original Get off my lawn'er

3. The Emerald City

The yellow brick road can ends in only one color.

2. The Shining Hedge Maze

Green strikes back!

1. “It”s Not Easy Being Green”

It's lonely at the top of the color spectrum .