Chris Pratt is He-Man and Ariana Grande is She-Ra on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The “SNL” writing staff's inner geeks came out tonight as not only did they skewer Marvel and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but they had some fun with some old favorites.  Yes, that's Chris Pratt as He-Man, Ariana Grande as She-Ra and Taran Killam as none other than Lion-O of the “Thundercats.”  Here's a few things we learned during this incredibly bizarre short skit.

1. Chris Pratt has not gained back any of the weight he lost for “Guardians.” That makes millions of his fans around the world secretly very, very happy.

2. Taran Killam has joined LeBron James on a slim down diet this summer. 

3. It appears you can get away with hitting your private parts after 11:30 PM on network television.

4. Ariana Grande's acting voice makes her sound like a high pitched Mae West.

Enjoy the bizarre skit in the embedded clip below.

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