He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Finally Have A Live-Action Return On The Way

Sony has been trying to bring He-Man back to live action for more than a decade. Most recently, it looked like Kellan Lutz was making a bid for the role and McG wanted it to be Marvel meets Game Of Thrones. And now it’s starting to look like He-Man will try to make himself a Christmas tradition in 2019.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the ’80s classic, it’s about Prince Adam of Eternia and his friends, who loses his clothes when he waves a sword in the air and gets struck by lightning. Then he goes to wrestle equally muscular men. If anything, we’re underselling just how bizarre this series actually was, by the way. Anyway, the release date was first reported by Entertainment Weekly, along with the news that McG won’t direct and that David Goyer is polishing the script while Sony puzzles out the cast. Which raises the question of whether Goyer will try to make a series about a jacked wizard with a skull face who rides a panther into battle “gritty.”

Will it actually arrive? Good question. It’s been on Sony’s docket for a long, long time, and trying to stake out Christmas is a fairly bold move. While Disney is currently trying to shift those yearly Star Wars movies to May, and Avatar won’t arrive for Christmas until 2020, if they hit that release date and a sequel becomes workable, they’ll either have to fight giant hippie Smurfs or find a new place on the calendar. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves; we’ll see if this time, He-Man has the power.

(via Entertainment Weekly)