HitFix Daily Snap: What’s the greatest commercial of the ’70s?

Last night, the series finale of “Mad Men” reacquainted us with the joyous and hippy-dippy “I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial. A fine sentiment. Truly everyone on Earth should experience the jarring feeling of getting brown film on your teeth as you angrily munch Fritos. But is it the best commercial of the '70s?

Sorry to ruin Don Draper's endless “om,” but my favorite commercial of the '70s is easily the “I'm a Pepper” Dr. Pepper spot from 1979. David Naughton's strange jiving is more compelling to me than euphoric hippies. The dada appearance of Popeye makes it even better. The sheer specter of “Makin' It” makes it better. 

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