‘Honest Trailers’ lets the air out of ‘Big Hero 6’

I”m sure some of you will take exception to this, but I didn”t love Big Hero 6. It was passable airplane viewing fare (I did actually watch it on a plane, so that assessment is based on reality), but I”m glad I didn”t pay to see it. It felt like a Pixar idea that couldn”t quite make it – whether it was the animation, the script or the voice characters. Of course, it went on to make almost $660 million worldwide, so what do I know.

The folks at “Honest Trailers” have now done their bit for cinema, as they take on the 2014 movie. They call it the “Marvel-iest non-Marvel movie ever.” Maybe that was my issue with it, and I just figured that out now?

Either way, here”s the video. Now start sending me hate mail.