‘Honest Trailers’ makes you question why you liked ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Captain America: Civil War made a boatload of cash. The super-sized superhero fight grossed nearly $1.2 billion while also drawing mostly favorable reviews. But that”s why there”s Honest Trailers, the series that brings movies down a notch.

The Emmy-nominated series from Screen Junkies has just issued their own trailer for Civil War. In it, they deftly summarize exactly why the film exists in the first place. “It”s what happens when your villains kind of suck,” the narrator explains. They then proceed to break down (tear down?) everyone from Hawkeye to Ant-Man to Scarlet Witch. The highlight of the video is when they point out the uncanny comparisons between Civil War and Batman v Superman.

In just three days, the video has already been seen nearly 3 million times, which is kind of amazing in its own way.

Check it out below…