How did Jennifer Love Hewitt end up on ‘Criminal Minds’?

10.01.14 5 years ago

How did Jennifer Love Hewitt end up on “Criminal Minds”?
Hewitt says she had a minor freakout when she was offered the role as the newest member of the team, Kate Callahan, on CBS' hit series. Turns out, though, that's she”s worked with the showrunner before, on “Party of Five.” PLUS: Inside Penelope”s desk.

TV Land orders “Impastor” starring Michael Rosenbaum, plus “Teachers”
Michael Rosenbaum, Sara Rue and Aimee Garcia star in “Impastor” about a loan shark who posing as a gay pastor in a small town. “Teachers” is an elementary school-set sitcom based on the webseries from the comedy group the Katydids.

Shonda Rhimes: We”ll never have real-life politicos on “Scandal”
Rhimes tweeted Wednesday: Becuz peeps keep asking: no real political figures should ever be on #ScandaI. All of the politicians on #Scandal are murderers/thieves.”

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In defense of “The Good Wife”s” cameos by real-life politicos
Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile, who”s played herself on “The Good Wife” and “House of Cards,” takes NY Times TV critic Mike Hale to task for calling these cameos a “distraction” who can”t act and “flatten every scene they”re in.” Says Brazile: “On every show that I have been on, I have played myself. How badly could I botch that?”

Jeff Garlin: Seeing Selena Gomez sexualized is “disgusting”
Garlin played the now-22-year-old Gomez”s uncle on “The Wizards of Waverly Place.” Says Garlin: “Great bikini shots of Selena Gomez? I don't go there. I see the thing, but I see those chubby cheeks. She's a kid. This is disgusting, that it's happening so young.”

Is “True Detective” in the early stages of the “Glee Effect”?
Both “Glee” and “True Detective” followed their wildly successful freshman seasons by upping the ante in stunt casting.

“Selfie”s” polarization proves why it's the best pilot of the fall
“It's not a feminist or trope-bending response to 'My Fair Lady,”” says Jacob Clifton, “it's not even really about 'selfie culture,” whatever the hell that means: It's about two weird and sad people who are empty because, for very different reasons, that was the only option. And what they are exploring together is the ground between the brand and the market, or what you and I might instead call ourselves and other people. Which is pretty fertile territory, given that literally everything happens in it.” PLUS: John Cho calls his casting “revolutionary,” and “Pygmalion” becomes creepy in 2014.

DirecTV extends its NFL Sunday Ticket deal
Renewal of the deal was a “make-or-break” factor in AT&T”s pending merger with DirecTV.

CW buys Jerry Bruckheimer”s “Bone House,” about a family”s private autopsy company
“Bone House” is kind of like “Six Feet Under,” but with the siblings operating a private autopsy company.

A 16-year-old Lena Dunham threw a vegan dinner party so that the NY Times would cover it
Newsweek answers the question: Why, in 2003, did the NY Times send a reporter to cover a party hosted by a teenage Lena Dunham? PLUS: Dunham chats with Howard Stern about her new book, which is being read by Jimmy Kimmel”s baby.

GLAAD”s TV study reveals a “youthquake” in LGBT programming
For the first time, three networks received the highest mark of “excellent” – HBO, ABC Family and MTV. And of those three, two are skewed towards youths.

Is “Black-ish” the new “Modern Family”?
Finally, ABC found the perfect companion to its multi-Emmy Award-winning sitcom.

Introducing the John Oliver Headline Generator
Every Monday morning, the “Last Week Tonight” host inspires “hyperviolent” headlines.

Will Slow TV ever become big in the  U.S.?
Slow television shows like a 12-hour program about firewood have become bizarrely popular in countries like Norway.

Here are the greatest TV series that were never made, including “North Hollywood” starring Amy Poehler
Judd Apatow”s 2001 comedy pilot, which also starred Jason Segel, Judge Reinhold (as himself) and Kevin hart, is among many inspiring TV pilots that never made it.

Was Sarah Hyland”s allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend jealous of her successful “Modern Family” career?
“Struggling actor” Matthew Prokop”s biggest role was a guest-star on “Modern Family” in 2012.

How Letterman”s Top 10 list was born
Read a “Late Night” oral history of David Letterman”s most enduring comedy bit.

“Girl Meets World” gets a visit from Mrs. Garrett from “Facts of Life”
Watch Charlotte Rae in the Halloween-themed episode.

Weird Al recalls the time James Brown learned to play “Wheel of Fortune” on “Wheel of Fortune”
As “Weird Al” Yankovic tells Seth Meyers, “He has apparently not ever seen the show, he obviously has never played the game Hangman.”

Melissa Joan Hart follows high school football players on Twitter who commit to Alabama
The “Melissa & Joan” star spent the weekend on a “Twitter binge” following at least 10 recruits, plus current and former players. Why? Because her husband is a huge University of Alabama fan.

“Gilmore Girls” hits Netflix – here”s what you”ll learn rewatching the entire series
For one thing, Lorelai was pretty rude – and she never has the same hair for more than two episodes in a row. PLUS: What it”s like to watch for the 1st time, analyzing Lorelai”s love interests, each “Gilmore” character”s best episode, here”s the only episode you need to watch, what if “Gilmore” happened in real life?, why the “Gilmore” theme was the best, how to explain “Gilmore”, whatever happened to Melissa McCarthy and other cast members?, here are the must-watch episodes, here”s your “Gilmore” reading list, and who was worse – Lorelai or Rory?

“Stalker” is as bad as you imagined
“Underneath its calculated, moist-palms glee, underneath its transparent hope that people will tune in for the macabre thrill of watching an assembly line of victims fail the cop-enforced safety rubric in an easily blameable way, this is a show that thinks it”s engaging the subject rather than just recreating it,” says Genevieve Valentine. It”s a show that presents a two-dimensional, sexually harassing obsessive cop as a sympathetic soul, through whom we”re meant to understand that the psychology of stalking isn”t always cut-and-dried villainy-sometimes it”s your male lead! Unfortunately for (creator) Kevin) Williamson and ‘Stalker,' cultural signposting is not a game a story can tap out of when it gets tricky to play. You cannot write a show about stalkers that suggests stalking might be understandable-even a little sexy, maybe, as long as you”re not the one getting burned to death.” PLUS: “Stalker” is a reminder that CBS can fail – opting for the creepy over the creative, it”s just another CBS fear-mongering crime series, the worst new drama of the season, “Stalker” just feels like an excuse to showcase people being chased and killed in grisly fashion, and Kevin Williamson defends “Stalker”s” violence.

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