How does ‘Mandela’ star Idris Elba feel about his Oscar chances?

So what does Idris Elba think of his Oscar chances this year?

“I’m in the front seat apparently, right?” the “Mandela” star joked during the film’s recent junket. “Me, it’s just me [in the running]?”

In all seriousness, while Elba and his co-star Naomie Harris have both received their share of buzz for playing the South African civil-rights leader and his activist wife Winnie, neither has devoted much energy to mulling over their awards-season prospects. And after all, noted Elba, recognition from the people of South Africa has been reward enough.

“For us, showing this film to Winnie Mandela, and (daughter) Zindzi Mandela, and to the people of South Africa…that was recognition,” said Elba. “That’s like as big as your Oscar can get. Cause they loved the film, they were very touched by it, and so were we, to [get] to present it to them.”

All of that said, quipped Harris: “If people want to nominate us we don’t mind either.”

To hear more from the duo, including how they nailed their South African accents and what it was like trying to capture the spirit of Nelson and Winnie, check out the full interview above.