Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Casts A ‘Lost’ Veteran In A Key Role

Marvel’s new TV series Inhumans is staffing up quickly. In addition to Anson Mount as Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, Serinda Swan as Medusa, his queen and a power in her own right, and Ramsay Bolton as the key villain Maximus, they’ve just announced a Lost vet, Ken Leung, will be joining the cast as Black Bolt’s right-hand man Karnak.

Leung, aka Miles, will be portraying a monk of sorts. Karnak is not technically an Inhuman because he refuses to go through Terrigenesis, the Inhuman rite of passage that exposes you to a gas that brings out your inner superhero. Karnak’s brother went through and, not spoil anything, but it didn’t go well, so Karnak has opted instead to refine his physical abilities to the highest level. As a result, Karnak can see the flaw in all things, allowing him to bring down a building with one punch or disassemble entire regimes with a whispered word. He’s also kind of a dick, as spending every waking moment meditating on the failure of the universe will make you a bit crabby.

Leung’s an experienced actor and an interesting choice, not least because when he’s given something good, he tends to run with it. We’ll see what he’ll do with the role when Inhumans arrives this fall.

(via Entertainment Weekly)