The ‘Inhumans’ Panel At TCA Drew Some Unwanted Comparisons To ‘Batman V Superman’ And Sad Ben Affleck

It’s telling when the Inhumans trailer at San Diego Comic-Con was met with a tepid response from an audience that is typically salivating for the next big superhero thing coming out of Hollywood. Inhumans just seemed off to fans, so when ABC took to the stage at the Television Critics Association press tour, the defensive stance made by most of the creatives and executives involved might’ve been more interesting than the show they were discussing. But first, some solid info on ABC’s next Marvel show.

Jeph Loeb said that Inhumans takes place in Agents of SHIELD continuity, and the royal family is aware of the Inhumans stuff from that show, but they want this to feel like something you can watch without having seen anything else in ABC’s Marvel universe.

From there, things started to go a little pear-shaped. When a reporter asked actor Anson Mount a question suggesting the show’s not good, he said: “You’re making me feel like Ben Affleck right now,” then he mentioned Simon and Garfunkel. Somewhere, the “Sound of Silence” was playing.

To the reporters in attendance, it seemed like the panel went over as well as the pilot:

Our senior TV critic Alan Sepinwall tried to discuss the convoluted exposition of the Inhumans pilot, but was unsatisfied with the response he received:

And the kicker:

Of course, a weak trailer doesn’t make for a guaranteed bad show, but this certainly has evolved into a strange, grand drama, hasn’t it?