Is Daniel Radcliffe having the time of his life? You bet he is

Let’s be frank.  Daniel Radcliffe made enough money starring in eight “Harry Potter” films to never have to work a day in his life gain.  And, even at 25, that’s an intriguing proposition.  Instead, like his co-star Emma Watson, Radcliffe has been working his butt off.

Radcliffe has had three independent films debut over the past year and a half including “Horns” (which Radius-TWC will distribute next year, the romantic comedy “The F Word” (that CBS Films will release in 2014) and Sundance favorite “Kill Your Darlings” which ends a long and winding global festival tour by opening in limited release next week.  He’s also completed two seasons of the TV series “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” alongside Jon Hamm and will soon begin shooting “Frankenstein” playing the doctor’s faithful assistant Igor.

I’d been able to chat with Radcliffe for an in-depth conversation in Toronto, but this time was for the cameras, er, camera and time was short. The one thing that’s been clear from Radcliffe’s appearances since “Darling’s” Park City debut is how enthusiastic he is about his post-“Potter” career and I asked him about that right off the bat.

“It’s been really busy and everyone keeps saying ‘Why aren’t you resting?’ because I don’t enjoy it,” Radcliffe says. “I have some time off. I slob out on weekends, but the fact that last year I was able to do ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ shoot ‘Young Doctor’s Notebook’ and then do ‘The F Word’ and ‘Horns’ back to back. And then this year do a play and then the second series of that show and now come out here and talk about all this? It’s been an amazing 18 months. I am, as you say, ‘having the time of your life.'”

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

To read my review of “Kill Your Darlings” from Sundance, click here. To watch my interview with Radcliffe check out the embedded video at the top of this post.

“Kill Your Darlings” opens in New York and Los Angeles on Wed., Oct. 16.