Is ‘Mortdecai’ Every Cast Member’s Worst Movie?

, and 01.23.15 4 years ago

“Mortdecai”? Not looking good.

Here's the thing: we haven't seen it yet, so for all we know the Johnny Depp vehicle could be a delightful comedy romp. But since Lionsgate hasn't screened the movie for critics (ahem), we're not particularly encouraged. (Rotten Tomatoes score currently? 7%.)

So – assuming it's bad – just how bad will “Mortdecai” be? Could it possibly be worse than its respective cast members' most wretched films? Below we speculate as to whether the film will surpass the sheer awfulness of the most heinous cinematic atrocities from Johnny, Gwyneth, Ewan, Olivia and more.

“Mortdecai” hits theaters this Friday.

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