Is ‘pansy’ the funniest Final Jeopardy! response of all time?

10.26.15 3 years ago

Sometimes game show contestants are the only truly funny people on television. Case in point: Becky Sullivan, a contestant on an episode of “Jeopardy!”, couldn't think of the right answer to a Final Jeopardy! clue about flowers. Her response might be the funniest answer in the show's history.

The clue: “The flower pictured here is called this, also a disparaging term for people on the political left.”

Sullivan's guess: “What is a pansy?”

Nope. But worthy of some Hall Of Fame recognition, alongside that Turd Ferguson reference a couple months ago and a certain reference to “Kinky Boots” before that.


Here are ten other excellent Final Jeopardy! responses that at least deserved some pity money.

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