It’s Turtleneck Weekend at the Movies: Ranking the 12 Greatest Turtlenecks in Film

After a long history at the fringes of film wardrobe, this weekend the long-sidelined turtleneck takes its place front and center at the multiplexes.  In both of this weekend's major releases – “Steve Jobs” and “The Walk” turtlenecks not only adorn the leading men, but are brought up as significant plot points in their heroes' journeys.

For Apple chieftain Jobs, the switch to turtlenecks represented an effort to put forward a gentler face that distinguished itself from the corporate suits of the tech world. For French tightrope walker Phillipe Petit, his very identity as a performer was bound up in his red turtleneck.

And coming up: look for a turtlenecked 007 in next month's “Spectre.”

So let us pay tribute to the turtleneck and it's long journey to fame. Here are our rankings of the greatest to grace our screens.