James Mangold Explains The Random Taco Bell Connection In ‘Logan’

Almost every part about Logan is gritty, solemn, and serious. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart play their long-running characters at the end of their time and it isn’t a story that pulls punches. Things are rough for the former X-Men in the film. But even with that overwhelming tone throughout, there are points that are just funny and a little odd to cut through the tension. One of those moments is the moment where Charles Xavier ends up talking about Taco Bell’s Quesalupa being the wave of the future.

As Movie Pilot points out, it is odd to hear Xavier in the year 2029 talking about Taco Bell’s next big thing in 2016. But James Mangold has a good and somewhat lazy reason for including it in the film according to an interview with The Huffington Post:

“The funny story of why that dialogue’s in there is, I was actually offered a Taco Bell commercial while we were in prep. And while I was writing the scene, I was looking for Charles to say things — random things — that indicated that he’d been watching TV too much, and I literally had this Taco Bell commercial script on my desk for the new Quesalupa from Taco Bell, and in my desperation to get pages done, I just took it and plugged it right in.”

It works. It also makes you want a quesalupa, a creation that isn’t too bad considering we’re talking Taco Bell. It’s better than the chicken shell taco, though the laughs would be far better if that got the spot in Logan over the quesalupa.

(Via Movie Pilot / Huffington Post)