Jason Momoa Has Been Joined By ‘Justice League’ Co-Star Ezra Miller For Protests Over A Sacred Hawaiian Site

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Arthur and Barry are back together again. Let me rephrase that. Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, who co-starred as Aquaman/Arthur Curry and Flash/Barry Allen in Warner Bros. Justice League, reunited over the weekend for a solid cause — Momoa’s ongoing protests in Hawaii over a major construction project atop a mountain (Mauna Kea) that’s considered the most sacred site on earth by Indigenous Hawaiians. The Game of Thrones star says that his continued efforts (alongside thousands of activists) prevent him from shooting Aquaman 2. That sequel isn’t due to start production until 2020, so Momoa might be exaggerating, but he’s definitely pulled out of a Wizard World appearance. Now, he’s receiving support from Miller, who attended the mounting demonstrations.

Momoa aims to help halt the construction of the the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), a reported $1.4 billion project. Miller took selfies with a few fans, as you’ll see below, during his time on the Big Island. However, Momoa arguably dropped the ball on promoting the presence of his co-star. In his excitement, perhaps, Momoa ended up burying a photo of himself with Miller inside an Instagrammed batch of ten photos (dude may have gotten carried away), but a few clicks reveal Miller in Photo #5 below.

Here’s more of Miller from the weekend’s events.

By the way, Miller might still be reprising his Flash role in a standalone movie at some point in the future, although that probably won’t happen for awhile. For now, he’s lending his support in an effort to pressure TMT representatives to continue seeking permits to move to an alternate site in the Canary Islands. The Rock even joined activists for a day ahead of his Hobbs and Shaw publicity blitz, so hopefully, real results will end up happening.