Jennifer Lawrence is over ‘this whole new wave of cool girls’

When Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Bravo's “Watch What Happens Live!” to promote that mop origin story “Joy,” she received an unexpected call from her best friend Laura, who commented on her well-publicized friendship with Amy Schumer. Laura lamented that Amy can't be JLaw's best friend “just because she's funnier than me.” Aw. We saw those jetski pictures too, Laura, and we're on your side. 

But better yet, Lawrence and her pal commented on the antics of “Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor, who served as the show's bartender that night. Apparently he's a bit of a liar? Seems right. Imagine if someone named Jax wasn't a liar. You can't.

This led to Lawrence commenting on the types of women who excuse bad boyfriend behavior because they're too chill to “overreact.” It might be her greatest soundbite of the year.

“I hate this. There's this whole new wave of, like, cool girls who are like, 'Whatever! I'm a cool girl.' Yeah, I'm a cool girl too, that's why you're not going to Vegas after you cheated on me. I'm cool as hell — that's why if you're a douchebag, I'll leave you.” 

Preach. The wording is interesting since, you know, Jennifer Lawrence is the designated cool girl of her generation. But it's nice to know she actively defines her own version of cool. Take that, Jax.