18 Sexy Subervise GIFS From Jennifer Lopez’s New Music ‘I Luh Ya PaPi’

After three years, Jennifer Lopez returns with her latest single, 'I Luh  Ya PaPi' from her upcoming album. While musical beauty is in the ear of the beholder, it is in my opinion you should listen to this song on mute when you watch the video. Or choose your own soundtrack.

Note I said when, not if. Because you owe it yourself to watch this glorious middle finger to the sexism of the music industry while managing some of the finest beefcake released this side of adult entertainment, preferably in the comfort of your own darkened home. 

Don't believe me? Look here's just a glimpse of all the eye candy pervading J.Lo's video to turn an otherwise mediocre bordering on ear-gouging terrible song into an instant classic based solely on role reversal. Warning: If you watch this at work, be prepared to need a minute. 

Boys washing cars and somehow ending up washing themselves suggestively instead? Check.

Camera panning lovingly over disembodied body parts for maximum objectification? Check.

And much, much more.  The video probably could've done without the nearly two-minute walkthrough of what you're about to watch, and the subversiveness is a little lost when rapper French Montana gets the female entourage to crawl all over him during his cameo, but for the most part the entire thing just makes you feel like this…

Need more? You could click over here to watch the video in it's entirety but why do that when I've so lovingly culled the best parts after the jump?