Jesse Eisenberg signed on to ‘Now You See Me’ to battle stage fright

05.30.13 5 years ago

NEW ORLEANS – Jesse Eisenberg had some of his own personal reasons to take on the role of a magician in “Now You See Me.”

“At the time that I read the script, I was doing a play in New York and I was experiencing a lot of stage fright. And then I read the sccrpt and this character who is the most confident stage performer in the world and felt like I have to do this so I can get over my fear of performing,” he told HitFix during the film’s press day.

Calling the story “exciting to read,” the 29-year-old actor let his version of enthusiasm spill over to his “Zombieland” cohort Woody Harrelson (who, by the way, does a great Jesse Eisenberg impression). He said watching Harrelson work a crowd when the camera was on him was “amazing,” though Harrelson got uncomfortably good in his role as a mentalist, a magician who uses body language and visual cues to “read minds.”

“He got pretty good at doing that. You don’t tell him anything, don’t think about anything when you’re in his presence,” Eisenberg deadpanned. 

Watch what else Eisenberg had to say about his magical experience, and discuss what he has planned next in regards to playwriting and performing. And, what do you think: would he make a good action star?

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