Jessica Jones producer: ‘There was no other way to go with Kilgrave’

On a very special Girls on Film, Marvel's Jessica Jones executive producer Melissa Rosenberg sits down with Roth Cornet and Alicia Malone to discuss the dynamic Netflix series and what's ahead for Season 2.

You can also listen to our full show below where we discuss “Twilight” as a feminist franchise, how women can help themselves working in this industry and more!

Note: We spoke with Melissa two days before the renewal. We've followed up with her and she says that they're very excited and working on figuring how it's all going to work together now!

In the segment above we focus on the choices that were made for Killgrave, and how they top this incredible villain.


In a follow-up email with Rosenberg, we asked why she'd made on significant change from the comic origin. In the book, The Purple Man (AKA Killgrave, with two Ls in the comic) never physically rapes Jessica. He does mind rape her. He forces her to desire him sexually, beg for him, and then reject her. It's brutal. In the show, he takes it all the way there, physically.

When asked why she'd made the shift, Rosenberg said:

“I moved away from the books version of the rape for a couple reasons.  To make it simpler, story telling wise, and to make it more about Jessica than other victims – which helps land the issue more, make it more visceral, personal for Jessica and the audience.”


Take a look at our chat on the fascinating character in the video above.

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