Jimmy Fallon pens heartfelt ‘Thank You Note’ to Jay Leno

02.04.14 5 years ago

Jimmy Fallon pens heartfelt “Thank You Note” to Jay Leno
Fallon was a guest on last night “Tonight Show” where, instead of writing a sarcastic “Thank You Note,” he opted to be sincere: “And finally, thank you Jay Leno, for carrying on the proud tradition of the Tonight Show host with such humor and class and for being nothing but gracious and generous to me over the past years. I will do my best to make you proud every single night.” PLUS: Leno cracked some Fallon jokes during his monologue, and Leno had another night of big ratings last night.

Benedict Cumberbatch drops by “Sesame Street”

“Sherlock” meets his arch-nemesis, “Murray-arty.”

Adult Swim is expanding to 8 pm

Starting March 31, the No. 1 block for adults 18-34 will kick off at 8 o’clock, instead of 9.

Flea denies any “trickery” during Super Bowl halftime performance

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, who’s accused of not playing live, tweeted cryptically last night: “No trickery. No choice, but no trickery.”

Jerry Seinfeld on lack of diversity in comedy: “Who cares?”
Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” has featured mostly white males, and Seinfeld doesn’t see a problem with that: “People think it’s the census or something,” Seinfeld tells Buzzfeed of the assertion that all pop culture should accurately reflect society. “This has gotta represent the actual pie chart of America? Who cares? Funny is the world that I live in. You”re funny, I’m interested. You”re not funny, I”m not interested. I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that.” PLUS: In defense of Seinfeld’s Super Bowl “Seinfeld” reunion, and Seinfeld wanted to create a show you could “put in your pocket.”

Ryan Phillippe is poised to star in ABC’s “Secrets & Lies”

The “Damages” alum is expected to play a father who becomes the prime suspect in a murder case when he finds a dead young boy.

Clay Aiken was trash-talked by his potential future GOP congressional opponent

North Carolina U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers pointed out that Aiken couldn’t win “American Idol” or “Celebrity Apprentice.” “As we know he doesn”t always fare all that well. He was runner up,” she said, adding: “Apparently his performing career isn”t going so well and he”s bored.”

After being dumped by HBO, Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” may find a TV home
The potential sci-fi TV series based on Gaiman’s novel is getting help from FreemantleMedia, the company behind “American Idol.”

Ken Marino joins Casey Wilson on ABC’s “Marry Me”

The “Party Down” alum will play Wilson’s fiance.

Adam Brody: I think “The O.C.’s” Seth Cohen would’ve died by now

“I think he’d be going down to Mexico and probably had a bad car accident,” Brody tells Nylon magazine. “It wasn’t any fault of his own, but yeah, knowing what I know now about Seth and his poor decision-making, that’s my guess.”

Stephen Colbert is expected to star in many more pistachio ads

He has signed on to be Wonderful Pistachios’ pitchman for a full year.

Bravo to begin offering “Top Chef at Sea” cruise vacation packages

Ten ships will offer “Top Chef”-themed food and events.

Conan introduces Punxsutawney Dr. Phil
It’s Groundhog Day, Conan-style. PLUS: Conan has an extended cut of Bob Dylan’s Super Bowl ad.

Ellie Kemper’s mom wasn’t happy to see her guest-hosting “Ellen”
Her mom preferred Ellen instead.

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