John Hurt joins FX’s ‘The Strain’

John Hurt joins FX’s “The Strain”
The Oscar-nominated actor will play a professor/Holocaust survivor in the thriller from “Lost’s” Carlton Cuse and Guillermo del Toro.

“Anger Management” producers are trying to patch things up between Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair
Amid Sheen’s threats to fire Blair, producers have roughly 50 episodes of their 100-episode order to film.

“Veep” creator: We’ll never allow Joe Biden on the show
“Well, how would that work?” Armando Iannucci asks when proposed the idea. “We already have a vice president. It would be like matter and anti-matter-a comedy explosion! So that could never happen and must be protected against at all costs.”

Matthew Perry: I wish “Friends” never ended
“Why in the world did we stop?” he says. “We all decided, ‘You know what? Let’s stop.’ I’d love to get in a time machine right now and go, ‘Let’s not stop.'”

Jimmy Kimmel snags Miss Utah
The Miss USA competitor, who may have zoned out during last night’s flub, will sit on Kimmel’s couch on Tuesday. PLUS: Listen to the Miss Utah-Miss South Carolina remix.

“Community’s” Dan Harmon feels bad about bashing Season 4

“I feel bad if I made anyone feel bad with my comments in harmontown,” he tweeted. “It’s a dirty, personal comedy podcast, not charismatic for quoting.”

“Storage Wars” star Brandi Passante wins just $750 in fake porn video lawsuit

Passante was originally seeking $2.5 million.

Why “True Blood” ought to get rid of Sookie and Bill
They’re the show’s central characters, but boy have they been dull, says Richard Lawson. “Imagine the show without Sookie,” he says. “Gone is the constant whining, the forever ham-fisted love triangle stuff, the dopey faerie mythology.” PLUS: Meet “True Blood’s” most naked character ever, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Deborah Ann Woll talk Season 6,

Tenacious D may get a web cartoon
Jack Black says he’s working on several online comedy show projects through his production company.

“Mad Men” perfectly set up the season finale for Don Draper

Last night also got rid of the Bob Benson distraction. PLUS: “Mad Men” has a “Degrassi” moment.

Comedian Reggie Watts joins Comedy Central pilot

He’ll star on a show based on the blog, “Bad Advice From My Brother.”

Watch a supercut of Troy McClure

“The Simpsons” character was perhaps the funniest voiced by Phil Hartman, who died 15 years ago last month.

Carson Daly’s “Voice” trailer has a deluxe bed and a fully stocked liquor cabinet
Plus, a 99-cent Blake Shelton calendar.

How Lifetime’s “Anna Nicole” went from a B-cup to a DD
Agnes Bruckner used state-of-the-art prosthetics made of gel-filled silicone to appear bustier.

Showtime boss calls “Dexter” a “vital franchise,” but will hold off on spinoff talk

David Nevins wants to “let the dust settle” until the series finale.

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne are living together again

Ozzy has moved back in with Sharon after sobering up.

Is that Louis CK riding a Citi Bike?
The FX star was spotted from behind biking today in NYC.

“Veronica Mars” creator is struggling with MPAA guidelines
Rob Thomas notes: “The term ‘eye-f*cking’ gets you an R-rating.” PLUS: See Kristen Bell on the set of “Veronica.”

Joan Rivers: Jimmy Fallon reminds me of Johnny Carson
“I think Jimmy Fallon-and I said it was from the first time I went on his show-he has got everything that Carson has,” she says. “He is bright, he is smart, and he is…he is a fan.”

Bill Nye: From “Science Guy” to science activist

Why did Nye decide to take on cable pundits on controversial issues like climate change and evolution?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: “Game of Thrones” uses 3 different prosthetic arms for me

One for each different kind of shot. PLUS: New “Thrones” beer coming out in fall, and the best “GoT” fan fiction.

Check out “Real Housewives of New York” staging a scene

Just like they do on scripted shows!

Mitch Hurwitz sought Howard Stern and Jerry Bruckheimer for “Arrested” cameos

Read excerpts from Hurwitz’s Reddit AMA.

Lauren Conrad: “The World’s Most Successful Reality-TV Defector”

The former “Hills” star has managed to become influential in books and in fashion, despite not appearing on reality TV in four years.

Watch TLC’s “Letters to Jackie” trailer

The Steven Spielberg-produced documentary, featuring an all-star cast, showcases the letters sent to Jacqueline Kennedy after her husband’s assassination.

Is Betty White’s “dirty old lady act” a bad thing?
Having the 91-year-old White tell dirty jokes is a condescending way to treat such a versatile actress, says Laura Bennett.