‘Last Week Tonight’ takes on the Washington football team (again)

The Washington Redskins are a joke on the field and off. So it's no surprise that, while “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver's sports fandom doesn't seem to stretch to American football, he's still found plenty of material to work with there.

Last year, Oliver criticized team owner Dan Snyder (or “Chief Runs-Without-Moral-Compass”) for his stubborn insistence on keeping the team name, even after many Native Americans have made it clear how and why it's offensive. 

Now, Oliver has the Redskins' appeal to the cancellation of its trademark (which was based on the fact that the term was derogatory), which says a trademark can't be taken away just because it's offensive. To make that case, the legal filing listed several other potentially offensive trademarks. They are NSFW.

Oliver concluded by gently suggesting that everyone rename his or her fantasy football team “Dan Snyder is a thin-skinned racist whose sunglasses look like something a tacky pedophile might settle for,” since, according to Snyder's own logic, that's as good a team name as any.