Jon Snow’s Hair Has A Secret Significance On ‘Game Of Thrones’


Ned Stark isn’t Jon Snow’s dad — Rhaegar Targaryen is; Ned’s sister, Lyanna, is the mother — but he treated him like a son. It’s right there in the name. Ned named his male children after people who were close to him: Robb is Robert Baratheon, Bran is his brother Brandon, Rickon is his father Rickard, and Jon is Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King who played an important paternal role in Ned’s life. All throughout Game of Thrones, Jon Snow (real name: Aegon Targaryen) has been paying back Ned’s kindness, without most viewers even realizing it.

“They wanted me to look more like Ned Stark,” Kit Harington told Refinery29 about Jon Snow’s changing hairstyle (his luscious locks were more flowing and unruly in season one than season seven). “There’s a real reason behind it, to show how the story was evolving.” He added that he hasn’t been allowed to change his hair “for years,” and that it’s going to be weird when he finally can “because it becomes part of your look as an actor. It’s strange to think now that I can change it. Do I want to change it? Am I going to change it? I don’t know.” (Filming for Thrones has wrapped, but Harington is still rocking Jon Snow’s ‘do.)

In a separate interview, this time with Men’s Journal, the actor was asked about season eight. His answer was predictably vague. “This is going to be so boring, but it’s a minefield to say anything,” Harington replied. “Even in the past when I’ve said something it gets taken the wrong way, or that I revealed something. Even if I’ll say that it’s going to be an exciting season, it’ll get put out in the wrong way. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this when I actually have to promote the thing, but I don’t want anything to get taken wrongly.” You heard it here first: Jon Snow is going to get blown up in a minefield. What an ending!

Harington also discussed what he took from the set:

“I actually didn’t take anything too crazy. I kept some of the armor that I use for Jon Snow’s outfit, like the wrist protectors I’ll wear in his costume. I thought those were pretty cool.”

Game of Thrones returns in 2019.

(Via Refinery29 and Men’s Journal)